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Launching ClixWalls

Published on Jan 13th, 2024 09:36 am

Hi ClixWalls Community!

Who We Are?

First of all, let us introduce ourself to ClixWalls Community. We are two Team members GaGafunia and Onlinenbox behind this project. If anyone who is old Paid to click user, he/she surely know us very well.  As most of users familiar with our usernames, we both had experienced working in a lot of Paid to Click sites since last 12 years. We have learnt a lot of things on working with such sites. We are not new here, our first project was, “” that was shut down to some technical issues and for saving our loyal members, we have refunded their remaining amounts invested in our that project. Anyone can see details of our first Project at FoxyRating (click to check). Now after a lot of search and analysis we decided to start this site and hoping to run this for life long.

Launching ClixWalls!

After a brief Introduction coming on point, we hereby warm Welcome to all of new joiners on launch of ClixWalls from today on 13-January 2023. Our main purpose is to provide an online Money Making and an Advertising place where users can get some extra cash and advertise their sites for promoting their Businesses for success.

What's Next!

We have worked hard during past few months in order to bring this stable and secure Paid to click model for our ClixWalls Community. We have added Paid to click ads and a lot of Offer walls for multiplying your earnings. And that's not all, if you members support us to continue business in excellent way, we will add more earning methods soon.

Let's Begin with some Launch celebration Promotions & Discounts!

To celebrate the launch of ClixWalls, we are offering Discounts on Upgrade starting today till 20th January, 2024.

For Members!

Premium: Now $7.5 Regular Price $8

Golden: Now $90 Regular Price $94

Ultimate: Now $669 Regular Price $699


Ending this discussion, let’s built a great earning community together and we promise to continue this Platform as long as your honest and heartiest support is with us and we will never let you down.

Let's build up a great Paid to Click community together.

Success to all.

Thank you!



ClixWalls Media Team


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